Friday, July 13, 2012


 Some images from this hot, hot summer:

1.  A friend in the bamboo in our side yard.
2 and 3.  Flowers at Rain Lily farm.
4.  Organizing my rock and shell collections.
5.  One of this summer's many perfect peaches.
6.  A recent painting.
7.  My parents' backyard in East Texas.
8.  Strawberry hulls from our Mother's Day brunch.
9.  Sticker purchase - may have inspired the above painting?
10.  My Italian fig tree is thriving in the dappled shade on our porch.

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even eve said...

i love the little jam jar time capsules of found objects, pretty awesome, nice painting too you're totally making that new style defined, refined, yours; multi color, split fountain, watercolor, jewel tone, geometric shapes. The strawberry tops look yummy and that lizard is so cool and perfectly matches the green of the leaves and the purple blue color of those flowers is pretty . There is this tree around here called a purple glory tree. It has this purple blue almost florescent bright flowers.

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