Tuesday, March 2, 2010

making things

since getting married last year, it's been hard to find the time to make things. i've been working full-time at a restaurant, scott and i have been spending lots of time together, and i've been lazy. i've taken too much time to decompress after grad school and the wedding. but now, ideas are in my head and i'm itching to make things again. the past week has been full of completing small projects, and it feels oh-so-nice to make things again.

i love to sew, but i just don't break out the machine that often. going through my patterns and fabric stash the other day, i decided to make this blouse. it was a very spur-of-the-moment production on one of my days off, and i'm quite pleased with the outcome!

this poster is for scott and the boys of the black and white years, for their south-by-southwest shows. i made a collage and added text on the computer.
and there is much more making to be done! with my birthday money, i bought a gocco machine on ebay. it arrived on my doorstep yesterday. i'm really looking forward to printing again.


Jill said...

I'M SO EXCITED that you are going to be printing again. Also really like the shirt...looks comfy.

miss ya.

even eve said...

printing sounds like fun. I've heard of gocco before but never used one. heard that it was going out of business or something and that maybe another company bought their product to keep on making it because it is so popular. I'd like to see what you make with it when you get going. Hope & bet you're having fun at south by. Unfortunately I'm taking the day off from south by, our car broke down yesterday. Bummer, but it is a beautiful day for creating and chilling at home to some records.

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